We cultivate the trees of the future

Trees are in our blood

With more than 25 years' experience, the staff of family company Boomkwekerij de Vree tree nursery have attained the highest quality when it comes to trees and plants. You can rest assured that Boomkwekerij De Vree delivers the best quality trees, flowers and greenery.

Full range of trees and greenery

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With 25 years' experience, Boomkwekerij de Vree has a lot to offer:

  • a sustainable nursery with trees and plants of the highest quality
  • a wide assortment including trees, shrubs, conifers and hedging plant material
  • competitive prices
  • expertise and expert advice
  • fast delivery
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Our family company currently consists of a six-person team. As specialists in the cultivation of trees and plants, we also take orders for all the greenery needed for gardens and park projects.

Would you like to visit our nursery or would you like more information about our trees and plants?

Our assortment of plants

From dwarf varieties to large specimen plants.

Bare root, root ball, wire basket and container trees available. A large assortment of standard, columnar, espalier and topiary trees for open soil or container.

Forest and hedge planting stock:
A full range available in containers or bare root.

For hedging, as well as a large range of shaped boxwoods in various sizes.

Large assortment of both dwarf varieties and large specimen trees. Shaped conifers are also available. 

Apple, pear, cherry and plum in a wide range; available as shrub, standard and half standard, as well as espalier. The assortment also includes walnut, peach, apricot, nectarine, medlar, various berries, raspberry and grape.

The full range of fruit trees is available for open soil or container.

Various types, regarding colour and shape, also available in larger pot sizes. 

Hedging plants:
Evergreen as well as deciduous in various types and size. Also available in containers in the summer months.  

Very wide range available from small pots to heavy specimens.

Climbing plants:
A large range available from everyday ivy exclusive Clematis and Passiflora varieties.

Mediterranean plants:
We have a wide range of Mediterranean plants (largely Italian), including various palms, olives, cypresses, and figs.

Multi-branched trees:
A wide assortment available in various heights and widths.

All major varieties available - from dwarf, azaleas and medium-tall, to large climbing hybrids. 

Shrub roses, ground-coverers, tea hybrids, polyantha roses, miniature roses, English roses, climbing roses and rose trees; available as bare root and container.

Perennial plants:
The whole assortment is available from p9 to heavier plants and is also available in larger pots.

Water plants:
A wide range consisting of water lilies, pondside plants, and oxygen plants.

NAK Tuinbouw

Boomkwekerij de Vree is a member of NAK Tuinbouw, the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture. This foundation promotes and monitors the quality of horticultural products and guarantees the high quality of its members' products by means of its inspection system and guidelines. Don't just take our word for it. NAK Tuinbouw also vouches for the excellent quality of our products.