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We cultivate the trees of the future

The greenest tree farm in the Netherlands

Boomkwekerij de Vree has been cultivating and selling a wide range of trees of the highest quality for over 25 years now. Not only are Boomkwekerij de Vree's products green, at this sustainable nursery the ethics are green too.
Boomkwekerij de Vree – for all your tree orders.

The most beautiful trees and plants all year round.

We grow trees, shrubs, conifers, hedging plant material and much more beautiful greenery at our extensive nursery. Our range is supplemented with trees and plants from first-rate nurseries in Belgium, Italy and Germany according to our strict quality control policy.

After all, we don't sell just any old trees. At Boomkwekerij de Vree, we guarantee healthy greenery of the highest quality.

The tree nursery that delivers

trees delivered to Germany

Order your trees, plants and other greenery from Boomkwekerij de Vree today and you will receive your order, by appointment, within three business days. What's more, Boomkwekerij de Vree also delivers outside the Netherlands. It delivers its plants and trees to wholesalers, landscaping companies, green project developers, and local authorities in various countries across Europe.

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For excellent trees and greenery from a sustainable Dutch nursery, order today for deliveries to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or further afield in Europe.

Would you like to handpick your trees? Come and visit us in Ommeren

No two trees are the same. At Boomkwekerij de Vree, we fully understand if you would like to peruse our assortment for yourself. One of our specialists will guide you around our nursery and tell you more about our products. Perhaps you aren't looking for a specific plant, but for tips for your project. We would be happy to advise you on the trees and plants that will thrive in your garden or park.

Feel free to take a close look at our trees and plants. If you would like to get to know our assortment from the comfort of your own computer, we can also send photos of the trees and plants in our nursery. Would you like to take your purchase home with you? No problem. We'll even help you load.